• Wermundsen Group Strengthens Its Position in Retail, Horeca Sector, and Food Industry – Solotop Oy and Restaone Oy to Merge

Wermundsen Group announces a significant strategic move by acquiring Restaone Oy. This business transaction unites two leading companies, Solotop Oy and Restaone Oy, creating new synergy for operators in the retail, restaurant, and food industry sectors.

Petri Huolman, Managing Director of Restaone Oy, comments on the merger: “Merging with Solotop opens up significant growth opportunities for us, which would have been difficult to achieve alone. This union strengthens our position in the market and brings new opportunities and an expanded range of services to our customers.”

“This deal opens new opportunities for Solotop to deepen cooperation with our customers. Our customers have a clear desire for broader solutions from planning to implementation, and merging with Restaone makes this possible,” comments Johanna Kemppainen, Managing Director of Solotop Oy. “Solotop Oy, known for its quality equipment solutions and maintenance services for both retail and the food industry, joins forces with Restaone Oy, which specializes in comprehensive restaurant design and equipment. This merger offers customers an expanded range of services and products, covering everything from kitchen equipment and scales to custom-made furniture and visual space planning,” Kemppainen continues.

Kari Wermundsén, Managing Director of Wermundsen Group, comments: “Wermundsen Group looks forward to this new chapter in the company’s history and is committed to supporting the integration process of Solotop and Restaone, ensuring a seamless transition for customers and employees. The headquarters of the merged company will be in Helsinki, continuing its operations as part of Wermundsen Group.”

This acquisition is strategically significant for the long-term goals of Wermundsen Group. It expands the group’s service and product offerings and strengthens its position as a market leader in the retail, horeca, and food industry sectors.

Wermundsen Oy is a group focused on technical wholesale, with a turnover of approximately EUR 30 million in 2022. The Group consists of six companies: Wexon, Solotop, Gistele, Restaone, Kovartek and Wermundsen OÜ, each of which is the market leader in its respective business areas.